For more than a century researchers are studying Trypillian archaeological culture, which was left by old farmers who lived in the lands between the Carpathians Mountains and the Dnipro River approximately seven to five thousand years ago. During a century of archaeological excavations there were many discoveries. At some points it looked like we uncovered everything or almost everything about "Trypillians", but time and again, with every new excavation, something new is discovered, which forces scientists to reconsider their already established opinions. We increasingly learn more and more about Trypillians and the world in which they lived. And today, as over one hundred and twenty years ago, we continue to actively explore this culture by conducting new archaeological excavations, as well as by studying the materials and artifacts already collected by our predecessors. As always, it is very important in these studies to share immediately the information between colleagues, opponents, and with all those interested in the scientific research and new discoveries.


With the registration and creation of the present publication – The Trypillian Civilization Journal (TCJ), which was made possible by the efforts of our Ukrainian countryman Mykola Ponomarenko, who presently lives in the USA, it became possible for the scientists from Ukraine to publish effectively their findings.  It, also, opened an information window to the world to read and study the ancient civilization of Trypillia in the form of an internet electronic journal - the first journal on this subject in English.

TCJ is a scientific publication, which is designed for specialists - archaeologists, historians, critics, and a wide range of readers interested in history and culture of Trypillia. We hope that information here will be useful and interesting not only to the specialists in Neolithic archaeology but also to the teachers of humanities, college and high school students, and museums.

Nataliia Burdo, Mykhailo Videiko
January, 2012, Kyiv, Ukraine