Oleksandr Kozaretskiy

Woman is the unique gift of the Universe


The exhibition “Woman is the unique gift of the Universe” presents the artist’s new paintings painted in 2017. The exhibition has been inspired by Trypillian culture, and Mykhailo Videiko – doctor of Historical Sciences, research scientist of the NAS Institute of Archeology and National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, the best connoisseur of all the mysteries of Trypillian culture – has become thought leader for the artist.

The exhibition of my paintings is dedicated to Woman as the leading figure of mankind and Trypillian culture has perfectly preserved up to our times the uniqueness of feminine beauty” remarks Oleksandr Kozaretskiy.

Mykhailo Videiko shares his thoughts “Trypillian culture emerged about seven thousand years ago and lasted for about two thousand years. The image of Woman as Great Goddess, Patroness and Mother of everything – had its special place in the works of ancient artists. The paintings presented on the exhibition are vivid manifestation of ancient artists’ influence on contemporary artists. Oleksandr Kozaretskiy has deeply entered into the spirit of past millennia and presented his own vision of the ancient images”.

The different signs and symbols of Trypillian culture were implanted in this paintings: symbols of the sun, sky, earth, time and infinity. Multicolored ribbons and ornate lines create unique images of feminine beauty filled with the imagination of the artist.


About the author:

Kozaretskiy Oleksandr Viktorovich is member of The National Union of Artists of Ukraine, regularly participate city, regional, republican and international exhibitions. He founded a charity studio for children where he has been teaching fine arts for ten years already. The artist often travels abroad in the search of artistic inspiration.