Trypillian Civilization 5400 - 2750 BC


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The Sacral World and the Magic Space of the Trypillian civilization (Part1)

©Nataliya Burdo

In its article I attempted to brush picture up of Prehistoric Sacral world and the Magic space of enigmatic Trypillya civilization. The Reconstructed pictures are not always sufficiently intelligible, by times even misty, but always majestic. Seemed, for hundred years about spiritual society life study, which omitted to us into heritage a Trypillya culture, whatever one can be written. Only names list learned, which devoted to this theme its labour brings unanywhere on which respect and horror even to touch it. Seemed, whether one can be found here something unknown, to say a new word? That is why by its main aim I put to gather and to systematize archaeological materials, to do them accessible for further scientific developments. This labour, however got for time the results outrivaled most daring expectations.

Application of approaches complex and systematic study of all without exception artifacts and finds allowed to analyse them in such scope and combinations, which before were not enabled in identical studios. This enabled to reproduce a most possible model, to come in sort around understanding "of Trypillya" sacral sphere.

On reconstructive stage by major task on elementary stage stood determination of methodical labour foundations. Being historiography from study problems of spiritual Trypillya sphere is by bright reflection ruling in USSR spreaded scientific theories, in base of which lied brightly expressed economic determinism and primitive evolutionism, religion role underestimate, as important factor in the social development

To approach study of asking put into labour after Trypillya magic, first of all was seen out a reverberation search of magic organic(regulations) law, laid out in suitable special books, in precise and analysed by us artifacts and complexes.

Prettily clearly draws unity of Trypillya sacral space with Mediterranean and sacral space of Old East. In this space bowed to Big Goddess into different her hypostasis. Her image is always associated with Moon, Bird and by Cow. This Big Goddess could adopt offences Goddesses-Birds, Goddesses-Cows, One in two Goddess. This was Moon Goddess, it with it associated offences snake and she-bears. Goddess-cow Appearance is, on our thought, by prettily bright testimony of agrarian civilizations establishing.

By most old sacred image, which resorted to reconstruct, there is Goddess Bird. It extraordinarily archaic and, that interestingly, already practically does not fix a milennium posterior to V beginning to Christ. This image was widespread in Vinca cultures, Krish and other, that belong to Balkan- Carpathian region. Taking into account prettily distinct and numerous archaeological data about intensive contacts and Trypillya intercourses with these regions, this is by quite appropriate phenomenon.

However in process of time in Trypillya sacral space takes place union of images of two Goddesses. In Big Goddess we see Goddess-Cow of traditions Afro-Asian and Indo-European, and also Prahistoric Goddess-Bird image.

To World Trypillya artifacts resides in anthropomorphism. Broadly speaking it, possibly, reflects an image of Big Goddess, which her symbols forward Month and Snake. Among womanish sacral images exude Woman with baby (Madonna), Goddess-Cortex, Goddess-Matron. On base of comparative analysis set, that into Trypillya we find not only artifacts with sufficiently clearly expressed anthropomorphous lines, but and such, that not quite intelligible and accessible at first blush. Consequently, by dint of comprasion of the plastic arts, forms and pottery ornamentic resorted convincingly to lead, that the numerous handles of Trypillya vessels are by nothing to other, as anthropomorphous symbol. A Elementary realistic in process of time conceded schematic image, maintenance of which, possibly , already was not to sufficiently intelligible peoples, which them did. This is a bright display of some existed traditions of material culture in tearing off from their primary sense, which, it is possible, was forgotten, or half-forgotten.

To Us resorted to express a new sacral image is offences androgine. This is a divine perfect wight, which is by embodiment all oppositions.

Masculine image is present, but insufficiently clearly expressed. It is possible, it is by Goddess-Cortex correlate.

Long prettily the numerous Trypillya artifacts with bucranies images interpreted, as allegorizing bull. Combination of bull images and God-Bull womenfolks and Womenfolks-Earth, beginnings masculine and womanish, Sky and Earth. On our thought these reconstructions relate to more late times, than Trypillya culture. To Us does not resort to fix images enumerated above in precise material. The Being images bucranies in being context somewhat quicker for all symbolize a bull, as sacrifice. A God-Bull Image found extremely enervated reverberation into artifact.

In Trypillya ornamental pattern find the numerous snake images. A snake Image is by exposure of monthly deity. Combination of snake and Month is by unique image especially Trypillya, developed namely in this culture. Separately these offences are fixed in mythology, however their combination can be thought by own Trypillya invention.

Some Trypillya magic artifacts is by straight accordance to attributes of magic practice, which is described and explored by anthropologists.. In Trypillya ornaments we find the replicas of sacral manifestations, which explored in treatise on religions history Mircha Eliade. Goes about Rising myth, role and significance of Month, allegorizing living she-bear wights associated with Month, dog, snakes, shells. Taking into account magic practice described by anthropologists, there are all of reasons to think, that animals "processions images ", famous on Trypillya painted pottery ( in catalogue for us contained such vessel, dug out by V.Khvoika into Krutoborodintsi-II there are such images on vessels from Varvarivka -VIII, excavated by V.Markevich ) is not something else, as by ritual processions, which took place attached to execution of ceremony offering. Image of dog in Rising stages on Sky up the endless steps is by image of understanding old to process gist offering, arriving at immortality in sacral sphere on the strength of revival after offering. Reminisce interments" finds "animals, or skulls of them, which reflect a material side of this ritual.

Resorted to express the definite stages and conformities to natural laws in forming of Trypillya sacral sphere. On formative stage (Trypillya A-Precucuteni, Trypillya ²-Cucuteni And, -5400-4400 ) prettily perceptible there is influence of sacral cultures images, which were participial to genesis of investigated cultural complexes. A Later (begining from ²- stage ) Trypillya sacral sphere demonstrates the parameters of sacral spheres of neighbouring civilizations, but becomes evident her all-sufficient. A Model, which was, can consider, as original sacral complex, steady to external influences. A even population flow from Central Europe (Lengyel-Polgar circle of cultures ) does not find considerable reverberation, barring small episode, when in east Trypillya diffusion regions for a some while (by 4200 4000 ) being the magic ceremonies without use of the plastic arts. Already on ² stage status- quo was renewed, and Trypillya magic practice again gives its bright displays.

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