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Presently, about 2000 settlements of the Trypillian civilization are known in Ukraine. The territory of the Trypillian culture expansion covers forest-steppe areas, from the river  Dniester on the West to the middle of the river Dnipro on the East.  Several recognized regional types of the culture are linked with the basins of the largest rivers, Dniester, Southern Bug and Dnipro.

Several archaeological expeditions explore the Trypillian antiquities every year.  These expeditions are organized by The Institute of Archaeology of The National Academy of Science of Ukraine, by various colleges and national museums.  The most important relics are kept at the Scientific Fund of the Institute of Archaeology and some other organizations.  Our tour will take you to the places which one cannot visit otherwise.

The "Ancient Trypillian civilization 7000 years ago" tour starts in Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, one of the most ancient cities in the world.  You will see the most important museum exhibitions and have a chance to talk to the scientists and scholars.  You will visit the centers of ancient crafts and learn more about the Trypillian culture.  The tour will take you outside Kyiv, through our carefully selected regions, starting with the place where the Trypillian culture was discovered, and continuing through the places of existing excavations of Trypillian ancient settlements.  Our tour covers most of the territory of the Trypillian cultural expansion. 

First of all, this tour is a chance to immerse yourself into historical wonders of ancient Ukraine.  But it is, also, a chance to learn and to understand how ancient history, that was not recorded on stone or parchment, can live in people's memory and transform into legends and tales that are alive and thrive to present days.  The tour is a unique and rare chance to enjoy (before any scientific or popular publication) the latest archeological discoveries in the field of the most ancient cultures among which are the cultures of Ukrainian and European peoples.

Expedition will be guided by the experienced historian and archaeologist Dr. Mykhailo Videiko.  Dr. M. Videiko has a PhD in history and archeology, he is a Senior Researcher at The Institute of Archaeology of The National Academy of Science of Ukraine, and the Vice-President of The Dyvich-Hora International Fund, which protects and researches the relics of the Trypillian culture.



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