Trypillia Culture is an archaeological name for the Copper Age civilization that existed on the territory of present-day Ukraine. This cultural complex is also known as Cucuteni on the territory of Romania.

Trypillia Culture was discovered at the second half of XIX century and named after the small village of Trypillia (south of Kyiv, Ukraine) by archaeologist Vikenty Khvoika (1850-1914). From that moment on, the territory of Ukraine became a homeland to one of the most ancient civilizations - The Trypillian Civilization, which flourished on her territory between approximately 7,000  to 5,000 years back in history.

Independently this culture was discovered on the territory of Romania near village Cucuteni by Teodor T. Burada in year 1884.

For our purposes we are going to use name Trypillia or Cucuteni as internationally recognized term for this culture. When the subject of the article is about studies related to the Ukrainian territory only it is accepted to use name Trypillia for short, which is also generally accepted among Ukrainian researches.

The main purpose of this Internet site is to educate the world about The Trypillian Civilization and to stimulate multidisciplinary study of the origin of Trypillian people through the collections of articles, books, reproductions of artifacts, videos, lists of references, numerous links and other educational material. 

Welcome to the studies and the discovery of the Trypillian Civilization!

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