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The Trypillian Civilization Journal is an international peer-reviewed publication devoted to the multidisciplinary study of the origins of the human populations, cultures and societies from the North Pontic lowlands to the Dnieper river regions (area roughly encompassed by the Danube and Dniper river valleys), and of the socio-cultural forces that shaped these societies. The journal is dedicated to the free exchange of concepts and ideas and aims at the dissemination of information from and among the scientific communities whose access to Western peer-review publication outlets has been traditionally limited. The journal will publish original research and reviews on topics within the journal’s focus. The scope of the journal includes, but is not limited, to archeology, anthropology, human population genetics, human ecology, ethnobiology, and human biogeography. Articles from related fields will also be considered.

TCJ is an open-access journal freely available on the internet. TCJ is indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) and linked to all major internet searches such as Google and Google Scholar.

Articles are divided into three major categories based on the language and are published in order they have been received.


Presently we have articles in the following language categories:

1. Articles written in English.

2. Articles written in Ukrainian.

3. Articles written in Russian.