Trypillian Civilization Tour


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Tour for season 2002

11-day "Ancient Trypillian Civilization" tours in Ukraine. 

The dates are:

June 27 – July 7,  2002

Tour price is  $1,100 (US dollars, land only).

The tour will be guided by an experienced professional historian and archaeologist Dr. Mykhailo Videiko, who works as a researcher at the Archaeology Institute of the National Science Academy of Ukraine.

Travelers will see various important museum exhibitions, visit places of Trypillian archeological discoveries all-over Ukraine, Verteba caves, centers of ancient settlements, and learn about the Trypillian culture first-hand at a workshop on Trypillian pottery craft held at the studio Kolo-Ra in Kyiv. 

The tour program ends with a fabulous folk festival, which will include celebration of Ivan Kupalo holiday on outskirts of Kyiv, on the Dniper river bank.

Tour program is based on the latest scientific research of this 7,000 years old culture, and is supported by the Divych-hora International Fund, which protects and supports research of the Trypillia culture.

We offer travelers a chance to immerse themselves in the historical wonders of ancient Ukrainian land.  This is an opportunity to learn history that was written only on stone and ceramics, and discover this history in present day people's memory, in legends and tales, in Ukrainian national arts.    

For additional information contact

Mykola Ponomarenko.

Tel: 1-703-593-8522
Fax: 1-703-684-8739

Thank you, and hope to hear from you soon.

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