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Midsummer vacation in the land of Sun’s civilization

Small-group packaged tour

06.27.2002 – 07.07.2002


Spend your summer vacation in the ancient land of Ukraine among hospitable people and beautiful nature. Immerse yourself in the historical wonders of the ancient Trypillia civilization with series of exciting excursions by Dr. Mykhailo Videiko. Hike our old cities, Middle Age’s  fortresses and Europe’s best parks, explore our museums, taste Ukrainian cuisine at the best national restaurants, visit local shops and markets and take with you beautiful original souvenirs and gifts.


Thursday, 06.27.2002
Day 1 –

Arrive to Kiev. Relax and acclimate in cozy hotel.

Friday, 06.28. 2002

Day 2 –

Sightseeing around Kyiv. See collection of the Trypillian ceramics in the History museum with experienced archaeologist Dr. Videiko.  Welcoming dinner at the evening.

Saturday, 06.29. 2002

Day 3 –

Early morning bus to Uman. Enjoy museum in the ancient Shuvalov's lodge near Talne town and unique landscapes of Maidanets where the largest settlement (so-called «capital city») of the Trypillia civilization was located. Collect remains of ancient ceramics as memorable souvenirs. Overnight in Museum-Hotel in Uman.  

Sunday, 06.30. 2002

Day 4 –

Morning walk to Sofiyvka Park of XVIII c. Enjoy guided excursion and relax. Bus to Kamianets – Podilsky. We will drive through the “Beauty of Ukraine” - Podillia region (Nemyriv – Vinnitsa – Khmelnitskyi). Stay at local hotel in Kamianets for 2 nights.  

Monday, 07.01. 2002

Day 5 – 

Visit wonderful Old City of Kamianets-Podilsky, walk picturesque Dnister river bank, collect pieces of ancient ceramics of different times for your collection. Explore famous ancient fortress of Kamianets at your free time.

Tuesday, 07.02. 2002

Day 6 – 

Bus to Chernivtsi. Enjoy excursions to picturesque Zhvanets and Khotin fortresses on our way.

Wednesday, 07.03.2002

Day 7 – 

Sightseeing around Chernivtsi, so called Market-City. Stop to shop souvenirs and gifts at famous local markets and shops.

Thursday, 07.04. 2002

Day 8 – 

Return trip to Kyiv. Relax and take a rest after trip.

Friday, 07.05. 2002

Day 9 –

Walk Andryivskiy Uzviz for souvenir shopping. Visit scientific archeological funds to see fascinating collections of famous Trypillian vessels and figurines. Learn how Trypillian ceramics was made and try to do it yourself with "Kolo-Ra" studio. 

Saturday, 07.06.2002

Day 10 –

Get filled with myths and legends of ancient times in aged Vitachiv village, celebrate Kupalo sacred Eve on Dnipro river bank. Farewell dinner. 

Sunday, 07.07. 2002

Day 11 –


Free time to walk central streets of Kyiv for shopping and sightseeing before your departure.

Bus transfer to airport.


Tour costs US$1,100 (land only). Travel to and from Ukraine is not included. To arrange your trip to and from Ukraine you can contact your local travel agent. To obtain your Ukrainian visa please apply to Ukrainian embassy in your country.

Tour price includes:

      English-speaking guide

      airport meeting, departure and all transfers in Ukraine

      daily breakfasts and lunches

      welcoming and farewell dinners (including alcohol)

      all sightseeing and guided excursions including entrance fees

      all accommodations

      pottery workshop

      Kupalo Holiday-Eve celebrations


Tour costs are based on a minimum of 10 participants and double occupancy, at group rates quoted at the time of printing this release and are subject to change.

Not included: visas, travel costs to and from Ukraine (Kyiv), alcohol, personal items (such as film, clothing, etc.), additional excursions. You must possess a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining before expiry.

To book your tour please fill in our Booking form and enclose deposit of US$250 (checks and credit cards are acceptable).


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