Trypillian Civilization 5508 - 2750 BC

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The Trypillia-USA-Project Contacts

The Trypillia-USA-Project Members:

Founder and owner:
Mykola Ponomarenko

Scientific consultant:
Dr. Mykhailo Videiko


Mykola Ponomarenko

Mr.Mykola Ponomarenko is the founder and the owner of the website. He is a president of Kolos Corporation, a sponsor of the Trypillia-USA-Project.

Mr. M. Ponomarenko was born in Ukraine.  Shortly after graduation from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1971 he immigrated to the USA in 1975, where he's living since.

Mr. Ponomarenko met Dr.M.Videiko (see insert at right) during his Trypillian Tour-2000. They inspired Mykola's interest in the Trypillian culture. The Trypillian Tour-2000 was the beginning of what we call now "The Trypillia-USA-Project", and details of which are presented on this web site.

Kolos Corporation
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Mykhailo Videiko

Dr. M. Videiko is a leading Ukrainian archaeologist specializing in the Copper Age period and particularly in the Trypillian culture. He received his Ph.D. from the Kyiv Institute of Archaeology in 1993. His scientific advisor was Dr. Mykola M.Shmaglij. Prior to his Ph.D. he graduated with Master degree in archaeology and history from the Kyiv Taras Shevchenko State University in 1982 and came to work for the Institute of Archaeology the same year progressively reaching a position of a Senior Staff Scientist.  Dr. Videiko has more than 100 scientific publications including more than ten books.

Dr. Videiko's developed number of specialized courses, which reflect his interests in a Social Archaeology and a Copper Age cultures. Lately he teaches courses at the National Kyiv-Mohyla Academy to students of the Archaeological Magisterium. One course is under the title of "Trypillya proto civilization" and covers a period of Trypillia culture between 5400 - 2750 BC on the territory of present Ukraine. His second course is titled "The ancient Farming cultures in Ukraine" and covers the Neolithic and Copper Age cultures in Ukraine and the nearest territories between 6500 - 2750 BC.