Trypillian Civilization 5,508 - 2,750 BC

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Trypillian Civilization is an archeological name for the Neolithic culture that existed on the territory of present-day Ukraine. This culture is also known as Cucuteni on the territory of Romania.  The real historical name for this culture is not fully established or agreed upon by scientists, but some researchers consider this culture to be the ancient Aratta.  In our "articles" section more discussions about the historical name of this culture can be found. 

It is accepted that Trypillian culture was discovered in the year 1897 near the small village of Trypillia (south of Kyiv, Ukraine).  Vicenty Khvoika, the archeologist who made the discovery, named this new and unknown to the world culture - The Trypillian Civilization.  From that moment on, the territory of Ukraine became a homeland to one of the most ancient civilizations - The Trypillian Civilization, which flourished on her territory between 7,500  to 4,750 years back in history.

The main purpose of this Internet site is to educate the world about The Trypillian Civilization through the collection of articles, reproductions of artifacts from many museums, lists of references, numerous links and other educational material.

Welcome to the discovery of the Trypillian Civilization!

Correct spelling for word "Trypillia"

Word TRYPILLIA is a Ukrainian word. It is a name of Ukrainian village. In English this word should be transliterated according to the official Ukrainian-English transliteration system, which was adopted by the Ukrainian Legal Terminology Commission on April 19, 1996 -

According to this system there can be only one correct transliteration of the word and it is --


Unfortunately, on the Internet and in some publications one can find other spellings of this word, which are not correct, but for the researchers they can be useful. These incorrect spellings are: TRYPILLYA, TRYPILIA, TRIPILLIA, TRIPILIA, or similar.

It must be noted that village Trypillia is pronounced differently in Russian and for the Russian pronunciation there is a corresponding English spelling, which can be useful for the researchers to know. The correct Russian spelling should be TRIPOLIE. The other possible Russian spellings are: TRIPOLLIE, TRIPOLE, or similar.

We encourage all to use a correct spellings, as indicated above. We particularly insist on the usage of spelling TRYPILLIA, which is derived from Ukrainian pronunciation of the name of the village, as most appropriate and correct, since village Trypillia is a Ukrainian village.

Time came to establish a uniform term for this archaeological name. This is very important. A uniform name will improve internet searches and reduce potential misunderstandings and misinterpretations in publications, references and discussions. 

Thank you!